Our history


Les Huîtres du Cap Horn, it is four generations which have built the solid foundations of a company, by continuing the traditions and the family know-how to produce quality shells. Come to discover our activity and just go with the flow in a universe where overflow human heat and maritim tradition. We shall welcome you with pleasure to share with you our passion for the oyster farming, the production of beautiful oysters raised off the Island of Noirmoutier.

– 1927 –

1st generation


Owner of the first oyster park in the family

Our history begins with Grandmother Blanche when she becomes 42-year-old a widow and decides to settle down in her name as oyster farmer, owner of the first oyster park in the family. Already working in this environment for several years on Bourcefranc Le Chapus in Charente, Grandmother Blanche now has to manage frontally this difficult job and 5 children. Her elder daughter, Christiane is then charge to raise her four youngerbrothers and sisters.

– 1933 –

2nd generation


At the age of 26, Christiane marries an oyster farmer

At the age of 26, Christiane marries an oyster farmer, Rolland DELAGE with whom she sets up her own business to continue the oyster activity in the which she always soaked. The breeding of oysters is then made on the ground, it is necessary to go at sea to fish oysters with a fork which are loaded on the deck of the boat before being worked by the women at the farm. Christiane and Rolland will have several children of whom Marcel, in 1931.

– 1953 –

3rd generation


a migration towards Vendée

Marcel meets then Hélène, his future wife, and decides to settle down. But, the generations follow one another, raise oysters in quantity always bigger, leaving only few exploitable parks. Hélène and Marcel DELAGE generation try then the adventure of a migration towards Vendée, more exactly to Fromentine, to obtain parks and settle down in their turn. There are then approximately 40 oyster farmers to Fromentine, all from Charente. The same year, they give birth to Martine, second of a sibblings of 3 children.

– 1974 –

4th generation


Their 1st boat : le Cap Horn

Martine and her husband, Jacques VAIRÉ take on the family exploitation and buy their 1st boat : Cap Horn. Will follow a lot of improvements: bags in plastics to raise oysters on tables and no more to the ground, the mechanization with the first sizers and the purchase of a harness compound of an aluminum boat and a tractor to go faster on parks. In 1990, the 2nd boat Cap Horn is born, then a diversification of the activity due to important losses further to Erika: tasting and boat ride.

– 1996 –



The 1st medal at the Concours Agricole du Salon de Paris

Their son, Sébastien VAIRÉ, enters in business on his own name. The name Cap Horn becomes the the name of the company in 2002. Buildings and tanks are enlarged to increasing the production. Machines are ceaselessly more efficient, faster and the recognition of the family know-how is not a long time coming because the 1st medal in the Salon de l’Agriculture de Paris arrives in 2007. Other rewards and especially the 1st golden medal in 2012 consolidates the choice of Sébastien to chose export, in Europe and in Asia. Today, wherever they are in Vendée or at the other end of the world, the gourmets and gourmands can appreciate the quality of the Oysters of the Cap Horn !