For 8 years now, the oyster sector is heavily touched by the mortality of young oysters. As a supplement to the harnessing of spat made on zones of the Ile de Noirmoutier, the company has a nursery for 5 years to overcome the lack of natural spat and the loss of annual production.

This stage consists in getting oysters of small size (2 mm) with écloseries to proceed to a pre-swelling in sieves with fine meshing. Every day, the sea water is taken in the inlet to be then forwarded by a system of pumps to the nursery. The young oysters have just to feed thanks to the present phytoplankton in the sea water.

Regularly, the spat is washed then sieved to distribute lots by size according to the speed of growth of every animal. Once the size of 6 in 8mm reached, oysters are put in pockets then placed on tables at sea on parks dedicated to the swelling of the young with oysters got naturally.

This installation allows us today to manage our production as closely as possible to the demand of our customers and to supply them so all year long.